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And when the world becomes too loud and bright, never forget all the magic you hold inside!-

Magical Mari-Lu,

Published Author, Women's Life Coach, Behavior Analyst, & Intuitive Guide

Star of Bethlehem

Hi, I'm Mari-Lu !

Growing up , I often struggled with my gift of empathy. I was always too sensitive to the world, tuning into the anxiety and discomfort of those around me. Always caring for others before I even considered myself.

In fact, it took me many years to understand my intuitive gifts. To regain control of my life and create healthy boundaries.

That is why I am here to help you bridge the gap between you and your higher-self. To lead you through the power of emotions and behaviors. So you may live the life you've always dreamed about! 


Are you ready to rekindle your soul flame?


"With Hope, Trust & a little bit of Cosmic Dust"

Anna P., CA

"Mari-Lu is amazing! My session with her made a lot of sense. She really connected with me on a whole different level. I love her style so unique. She was such a sweet and genuine soul! Thank you again! <3"

Miriam O., CA

"This was such a personable and lovely reading! I resonated strongly with all Mari-Lu had to say. Thank you so so much for conecting to my energy and helping me out!"

Maria A., MX

"Mi experiencia fue increíble! Después de mi visita, sentí mucha paz dentro de mí. Y la alegría regreso a mi hogar otra vez. Gracias por tu ayuda Mari-Lu!"
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