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Diosa Cosmica

Aprende a renacer. Enciende tu alma y dale calor a tu vida! 

Learn to be reborn, spark your soul & bring warmth in your life!


Hola, Soy Mari-Lu!

Soy hija de inmigrantes y la primera en recibir una educación universitaria y titulo en mi familia. Como toda mujer hispana, esta vida me a dado de todo. Amor, felicidad, coraje, miedo, abuso, éxitos, y muchas lecciones dolorosas y maravillosas.  


Pero como toda mujer luchona, e sobrevivido y superado las etapas mas difíciles de mi vida. 


Dejando todas las expectativas y limitaciones que esta sociedad nos exige a las mujeres, donde pertenece, en la basura.


E descubrido como ser la mujer que siempre soñé . Y estoy aquí para ayudarte a ti también!

Diosa Cosmica- Master Class

 A 1-Month Course designed to help you tap into your Diosa frequency. Guiding you through your inner discovery, exploring the diverse power of self-expression, helping you overcome fears and break through emotional barriers. 


Every week you will receive a lesson and activity to help you tap into your poder de Diosa (goddess power). Each lesson is designed to help you experience the diverse powers held in expression; using art, self-care practices, and other mediums to help you dive into YOU. And have access to an exclusive facebook group of mujeres poderosas (powerful women).


At the end of the month, you will be able to participate in a virtual Zoom party! Where you will be able to share your experience, be a part of a group activity, and connect with all our Diosas.  

February 2nd to March 2nd
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A safe place to vent & get your sheet out!


Level 1: Eres Diosa (You are a Goddess)

YOU. Si Tu. Tu tambien importas! (Yes you. You also matter!) A 3-Day Self Appreciation Virtual Retreat, that was designed to guide you through claiming your power! You deserve to take up space & express your essence, toda tu alma (all of your soul). 


You will receive a digital journal that will guide you through each planned LIVE session & receive access to our exclusive facebook group. 


LIVE schedule will include: Magical Mari-Lu self healing story, a group activity, journal reflection prompt, group sharing, and self-love homework. As well as access to recorded event days, excluding the personal stories shared to maintain a safe sharing space. 

January 13th to 15th, 2023
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