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Gifted World

Help your child shine! Thrive together with LUCI 


Gift·ed Child


adjective noun

  1. a child on the spectrum with unique sensitivities, natural ability, and exceptional talent.

    "I am so proud of my gifted child!"


Is your child gifted?


Is a Behavior Analyst, Published Author, Women’s Life Coach, and Intuitive Guide. She has devoted her studies around mental health sciences with a focus on psychology and applied behavior analysis. Creating her own LUCI (Love, Understanding, Compassion, & Intuition) Method, that deepens the connection between children on the spectrum and their families. 

Magical Mari-Lu 

A Letter from Mari-Lu,

"After working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for four years, in both home and school therapy settings. I was inspired to design a repertoire of tools and programs, that would help parents communicate and bond with their kiddos.

As a Behavior Interventionist, I observed and analyzed the function and motivation that is exhibited by gifted kiddos. I have learned various ways to communicate and teach everyday life skills that will improve their quality of life through Applied Behavior Analysis Principles and Methods.

This is why I have designed my own original LUCI Method (Love, Understanding, Compassion, Intuition) that integrates your kiddo's inner magic and your love, understanding, compassion, and intuition with behavioral strategies and activities that will help you bond.

My intention for these programs is to amplify your kiddo’s voice, while giving you insight into the innocent intention behind various behaviors. And to provide you with resources to communicate and spend quality time together. These programs are here to support all gifted kiddos on the spectrum, from higher to lower functioning. Each program is intended to feel like a game for you and your family."

Collecting Seashells

Dive Through the Land of Emotions

This program was designed to help your family connect and teach you to navigate around the waves of emotion. You will receive a digital passport to collect badges of your quests together. Every month you will receive a new lesson training video that will cover a specific behavior or emotion, a lesson outline, and a chart to help you identify and track the function of behaviors. 


It will also prepare you for our LIVE Zoom Social Event, which is designed to feel like a fun family game. All participants are encouraged to dress up in any way they choose. You will be emailed an overview of the planned activity, helpful tips, & a monthly badge for your Gifted World Passport. To protect the privacy of the families attending LIVE, recordings will only contain footage of instructors, but will still feel as a lively experience.


May 1st to September 1st

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The benefits of de-escalating and redirecting maladaptive behaviors can be a great alternative to time-outs and punishment. Want to learn more? 

Laying on a Chair

Knowledge is Power: Level 1

Learn to understand behaviors and the motivating emotions behind each action. This introductory course will help you tune into the function behind the behavior. Teach you how to keep track behaviors.


And provide you with resources and tools to help amplify the quality of time spent together!   


April 13th to 15th

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