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Mari-Lu's Magic Shop

Your one stop shop to all your magical needs! You can book a session with Magical Mari-Lu. Find the perfect intention candle for your manifestations, and any magical trinket you may need.

 Teresa C.

Thank you Mari-Lu, this is a beautiful and poignant reading for me right now. 

I really liked your website ! It radiates your beautiful vibrations of youthfulness and enlightenment. Congratulations for adding to the positive magic that we all need with your website and being part of the magical family with Radleigh 

 much gratitude"

Kari C.

"I had a reading done by Mari-Lu. Everything was spot on and beautifully presented. It’s incredible how a good reading can resonate so well with everything going on in your life. Simply inspiring and magical."

Janet L.

“Thank you for the reading, this was spot on, I need to take more time for me and to live in the present, I hadnt heard of the crystal so going to have to investigate this one, it was good to get some info that I should take heed to xxx ”
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Janet L. Hatch

“Mari-Lu is an amazing intuitive and gifted reader. Her messages were so spot on and accurate in this is exactly what I am working on in collaboration  with others to taking the next steps on my journey.  What a gift to receive her messages in all of the infinite details of cards, color and crystals as I love how she brought everything together. Thank You and Many Blessings"

Ronda S

"Hello! I love the reading. So much of it really hit home. I had a regression yesterday and kept saying that the past was burned away so the future could take hold. Follow the wind, as the wind knows where I should go. I for sure need to be kinder to me, because I do take on too much and am going through a lot. I had surgery today to remove a mass in my uterus, so I REALLY want to let that go and anything else that might be needed to lose in order to remain healthy. Thank you again!"

Lilla D.

"Please let me know when you will be ready for clients. Out of all gifted people I’ve met, and at 73, I’ve encountered many, you are the most POWERFUL one, thank you so very, very much for the Ease you have helped me with my trauma."
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